Which song do you prefer the live or unplugged version to the studio recording?

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For me, its Alice in Chains “Down in a Hole” The live version seems to have this grittiness about it that really brings out the emotion of the song. What are your thoughts?

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21 Comments on "Which song do you prefer the live or unplugged version to the studio recording?"

  1. Most of the songs in Wings Over America (yeah, OK, I am old) beat the studio versions.. At least the non – Beatles songs.

    Red Skies at Night live is better. Life During Wartime and Psycho Killer – better live.

  2. Probably the most iconic one would be ‘Do You Feel Like We Do’ by Peter Frampton. I can’t actually recall hearing a studio version of that song ever.

    Also any Stevie Ray Vaughan live show, particularly both Montreux shows or Austin City Limits. One song is more famous for the [guitar swap](https://youtu.be/3woPVQExDsQ?t=126) than it is for the actual song.

    Pretty much the entire Hendrix Woodstock set would be up there as well.

    late edit: [The Band – The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jREUrbGGrgM). No other version of this song holds a candle. Period.

  3. Danzig’s “Mother”

    AIC “Nutshell”

    recently been hearing a great live version of TMBG’s “Ana Ng” on spotify that’s a lot of fun

    Dishwalla’s “Counting Blue Cars” from their live album is really interesting too

  4. Almost all classic Judas Priest songs have live versions that are better than the studio ones. They’re able to increase the pace and energy live while still sounding fantastic. Hallmark of a great band.

  5. U2 – A Sort of Homecoming. I think they may have released the live version as a single because I was recently listening to my old vinyl and the studio version on The Unforgettable Fire seems a little bit lifeless compared to the live version. The live version was the one that I remembered for some reason.

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